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Free2Play and OpenSource

ultimateXnova is a browser-based space strategy game. Conquer planets, build your fleet, and fight against other players.

Join our game now or host your own server.

Start your own universe

To finance the development of ultimateXnova, we offer a wide range of different services to host your own game and customize it to your likings. Ease your mind with our managed hosting offers. No technical knowledge needed!

We are looking for beta testers! Contact us on Discord if you want to try out our services.


payed annually

  • Subdomain
  • Update-Fee: 10€/Update
    (only done when requested)
  • InGame-Ads


payed annually

  • Subdomain
  • Update-Fee: 5€/Update
    (only done when requested)
  • Ad-Free


payed quarterly or annually

  • Custom domain included
  • Free monthly updates
  • Ad-Free
  • Priority Support via Discord


One-Time Fee

We will install the latest release of ultimateXnova on your own web-server.



One-Time Fee

We will update your game to the latest release.

Upgrade from SteemNova


One-Time Fee

We will convert your eexisting stock installation of SteemNova to ultimateXnova.

Upgrade from 2moons


One-Time Fee

We will convert your existing stock installation of 2moons to ultimateXnova.



Payed in advance

Send us your request and we will send you an offer of how expensive it is to program said functionality

Custom Logo


One-Time Fee

We will provide you with a selection of three custom SVG logos to choose from.

Custom CSS


Payed in advance

We will create a custom CSS for your design.

Host your own server

ultimateXnova is free and OpenSource. All you need to get started is a webserver with PHP8 or above and a MySQL database.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there micro-transactions?
No, there are no micro-transactions in ultimateXnova. It is completely free to register and play the game on our servers.
What is NextGen UI?
NextGen UI is our brand new user interface with a focus on mobile optimization and a beautiful new design. Don’t worry, you can still use old themes such as “Galaxy of Wars”, although they might be restricted in terms of new features that rely on visuals.
I want to have my own server, how do I create one?
If you have a webserver and the technical knowledge, you can download the latest release free of charge and use the automatic installer to install the game on your own server.
Alternatively, we can set it up for you or even host your game on our servers for a fee.
What happened to 2moons?
While 2moons is the base of ultimateXnova, the project development has stopped a few years ago. It was then further developed as SteemNova, on which this project is based on. We are aiming to fix a lot of bugs and create a completely new user experience.
Can I upgrade from 2moons?
Upgrading from 2moons can be fairly complicated and requires a lot of technical knowledge, but it is possible. Make sure to make backups of your game and your database as you will experience a lot of errors due to changes of the database structure.
Can I upgrade from SteemNova?
Upgrading from the latest version of SteemNova is fairly straightforward. You can run the installer to upgrade the database. Make sure to always backup your game files and database before upgrading.